November 4, 2018 @ 1:40 PM



I am Don D’Amore MA CCC-SLP, creator, writer, (and Illustrator!) of all things SpeechPage. 

I am an ASHA  certified, practicing Speech Language Pathologist with ‘decades’ of experiences working with clients of all ages and all types of abilities and disabilities.  I routinely present on SLP topics at various conferences.  My deepest professional passion, and what I feel is the most important thing I can do with my abilities, is to “Help Others Help Others!” 

I love being an SLP.  I also feel blessed that I have the ability to draw fun illustrations that other people seem to really enjoy. (If I wasn’t an SLP, I would have wanted to be a cartoonist!)  With SpeechPage I have found the ideal way in which I can combine my passions and talents for the most benefit to the most people.

I have not blogged before.  I thought about it and decided this is probably my best ways to share ideas and 'Help others help others!'  I plan to post my favorite "LIGHT BULB GOING OFF MOMENTS"!  Those Special ideas and thoughts that made a huge difference in my thinking as an SLP over my 'decades' in this field! :-)


Best Regards,

Don D'Amore