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What Customers Say!


THOUSANDS of SLPs have bought SpeechPages!!  Our Thanks Go Out To All The Many Speech Language Pathologists From Across The Country Who Have Sent Us So Many Nice Compliments On Our Products Or Our Quick Delivery & Customer Friendly Service!

(We believe the fact that every person listed here came back again and bought more SpeechPage materials makes these quotes even more valuable!

  • "One-of-a-kind, creative & interactive activities to address all Speech Language concerns. High quality and durable materials. Superb customer service!"
  • "You are my "Go-To" company. Over all the years that I have ordered from you (at an ASHA event or online), your products have felt like a gift to Speech Language Pathologists. Versatile, yet a perfect match for any activity!"
    B.C. SLP, New York (Posted to us on Facebook, 2017)


  • "Your materials stand up to years of use!"   
  • B.B. SLP, New York (Repeat customer for more than 10 years!)


  • "Thanks for getting the materials to me so quickly!!! I love all your products!!!"
    A.B. SLP, Virginia


  • "Thank you so much - your materials are fabulous, easily adaptable to many differing populations and always enjoyed by children.  Keep up the good work."
    P.L. SLP, Ohio


  • "I have lots of your materials - the kids love them"
    V.H. SLP, Deleware


  • "We received the last order promptly, Thank you! May we go through the same process with another order? ... Thank you so much! These are brilliant!"
    M.T., Australia

(CUSTOMERS OUTSIDE OF THE USA NOTE:  Please contact us in advance through email (info @ SpeechPage.com) to arrange orders outside the USA.  You must have a PayPal account and we will invoice the order to you on PayPal. Also note: International shipping charges are substantial.  Customers are responsible for any fees, tariffs or taxes. See our FAQ for more.)


  • "I ordered 2 items with 2 different purchases I believe (had to come back for more) at OSSPEAC ...at your booth. They are awesome  products and I use them regularly!! Thanks so much for the great products."
    K.M. SLP, Ohio


  • "I'm a new but loyal customer. My students love the pictures, colors and activities. Thank you!."
    C.H. SLP, Illinois


  • "Materials arrived and as usual, they are just what I had expected. I’ve already used them in therapy. Thanks for your quick response. I love SpeechPage!"
    S.O. SLP, Virginia


  • "I love your stuff!" "...I think you've had a stroke of genius with velcro, thick lamination, user friendly, very affordable, and SPOT-ON therapy ideas!" "So glad we have you as a resource!"
    L.C. SLP, New Jersey


  • "Received my order yesterday. I love everything."
    C.M. SLP, Ohio


  • "Used the new materials today and the students loved them."..."Great service as usual."
    D.T. SLP, Illinois


  • "Thank you for processing your orders so quickly. Your products are a lifesaver!"
    D.R. SLP, Kentucky


  • "Thank You!!! I love your materials!!!
    I absolutely love these multisyllablc word (sets) ! Keep producing!!!" ...
    "This format has really helped some of my kids....
  • I've gotten my money's worth ten fold! Thanks!"
    M.D. SLP, Texas


  • "My order came today, wow, what fast shipping." ...
    "I really like your products and am going to go for some of the good speech stickers next time."...
    "I love the idea of the cooperative games, the little ones don't understand winning /losing. This way, I won't have to say, after one has won and the others have not: " We're all winners because we practiced good speech". Thanks so very much for making everything easy, great customer service."

    H.W. SLP, Alabama

  • "I LOVE YOUR PRODUCTS and I have recommended them to friends. Thanks!"
    N.B. SLP, Arkansas

  • "Thank you so much for the binder and (Speech)Pages... I look forward to more orders in the future!
    M.S. SLP, Illinois

  • "My students really enjoy the interactive materials produced by SpeechPage.
    Keep them coming!"

    O.S. SLP, Ohio
  • "I am a very happy customer and look forward to purchasing additional materials in the near future."
    S.O. SLP, Virginia

  • "... I can see that your company is one with whom I will enjoy doing business for a long time. Just keep the interactive boards coming! The children love them.
    S. B. SLP, New York

  • "Everything about your products are so appealing and practical.
    I'm particularly fond of the interactive items, and love your new products too. I so appreciate the durability and practicality; easy to transport and keep items inside without losing them, and the colorful pictures. Also, your binders are easy to spot and store."
    A.E. SLP, Maryland

  • "You guys are awesome, and I LOVE the products!!!
    Thanks for the excellent customer service.
    SpeechPage is my new favorite!!!"
    R.M. SLP, California
  • "Hi- Your stuff is great"
    "I work in a clinic and the other (SLPs) really like the ease of set up and use of your (materials). I look forward to whatever else you may come up with."
    C. M. SLP, Texas

  • "I LOVE using your word repetition mazes, and my kids really enjoy them."
    S. B. SLP, North Carolina

  • "I am a...school speech pathologist, and I love your materials."
    D.A.  SLP, Utah
  • "Thank you so much- I am looking forward to using the new materials at the Middle school this year. I love the binders- they look so professional."
    J.H. SLP, Pennsylvania

  • "I want to thank you for all your wonderful materials. They have been so useful with my autistic students."
    E. M. SLP, New York

  • "I just want to say that I REALLY like the Speech Rules pages. ...... So, it's not me doing the reminding, it's the pics doing the reinforcing! Thanks!"
    O.S. SLP, Ohio
    R.B. SLP, New York

  • "Thank you very much. I appreciate your good service (and your good products--I already have several)."
    M.F. SLP, Massachusetts
  • "It's great doing business with you!"
    S.A. SLP, New York

  • "Thank You!!!
    Your company is AWESOME! I have been forwarding your website to many others!..."

    M.D. SLP-A, Texas

  • "Thank you for everything. I love your products."
    K.B. SLP, Ohio

  • "I am working a heavy caseload of children with autism. I was so happy to find your website. ... I have used some of the materials already and they are great."
    J. S. SLP, Washington

  • "Your materials were just what I needed. The picture selection, quality and ease of use was really appreciated. Thank you for making my hectic job less stressful!"
    S.T.M. Ph.D., SLP/A, Oregon

  • "I love your products and have several different sets."
    J. C. SLP, Louisiana

  • "I just wanted to say thank you... I also want you to know how much I enjoy using my products. I love how easy it is to use and store. I am passing the word to all my colleagues."
    L. M. SLP, Ohio

  • "I want to let you know that parents/students just LOVE the Home carryover pages. (My) Students have these pages in a spiral notebook which also contains photos of favorite people, activites, places, etc. Thanks for a great, functional, activity!"
    D.T. SLP, Illinois

  • "I received my order on Monday (very fast!) and I'm very excited to begin using it this week. Thank you for all the "extras" that were included--I'll be ordering more materials soon." (This order was placed on a Thursday evening.)
    R. W. SLP, Oklahoma

  • "Love your stuff!"
    J. W. SLP, Ohio

  • "When I've shared the SpeechPage products I've purchased, the reaction from SLPs has been very positive. Your products clearly meet common needs and come ready-to-use."
    "...Enjoying your products,"

    M.C. SLP, Virginia

  • "I wanted to thank you for my order. It arrived today and looks good!"
    C. R. SLP, Ohio

  • "I have been very impressed with your materials.
    I will certainly recommend your company to my colleagues."
    M. H. SLP, Massachusetts

  • "Thanks... I am so happy with my purchases."
    B. N. SLP, Ohio

  • "I am delighted with the materials I purchased last time.
    Thank you. "

    F. B. SLP, Oklahoma
  • "Love your products."
    D. M. SLP, Oregon

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