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150 Talking Topics & Receptive Vocabulary 7B

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A Specially Designed Set That Allows For Every SpeechPage To Be USED TWO DIFFERENT WAYS!

(Or buy the combo of Talking Topics Sets 7A & 7B and save!)



Each of these 7 SpeechPages has 22 different illustrations of various topics allowing the clinician to use the INCLUDED Suggestions for Prompts Page to get their CLIENTS TALKING!

Speech Language Pathologists have so many reasons to need their clients to talk for a long while!

Here are just a few:

• Sentence-level language samples
• Check on carry-over of articulation goals
• Gage fluency in connected sentences
• Work on skills at answering WH-Type Questions

Often it is difficult to come up with prompt that give client enough things to talk about. Forget about looking around the room for ideas of topics, these SpeechPages provide you with 150 different illustrated topic pictures (i.e. ketchup, grasshopper, rainbow, dinosaur, and 146 MORE!) PLUS a Suggestion For Prompts SpeechPage that has a variety of prompting questions to ask the client! These special prompt questions are designed to start the client talking about the topics in fun and creative ways!

2. Use the SAME SpeechPages for 150 Receptive Vocabulary Terms!

The Other Suggestion Prompt Page included in this set is packed with Vocabulary attributes designed to allow the clinician to work on Receptive Vocabulary Identification!

For Example you may ask the client to find the item on the page that is a farm animal. Or mix the attributes together and ask the client to find two sweet foods on the SpeechPage. A large variety of prompts are possible. Use the attributes included on the prompt page or make up your own!

Both Prompt Pages are suggestions for possible use only. Not every prompt will be appropriate for every item displayed and it is up to the qualified clinician to determine the proper therapy procedures for their clients.

All pages in this set are different from those in set 7A.

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