R-Word 8 Pages! Set C

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96 different /r/ stimulus pictures in this set!!

You get EIGHT SpeechPages! Each with 12 unique stimulus pictures
featuring the /r/ sound! (96 different /r/ stimulus pictures in all!)
(All pictures are different from those in "R-Word 8 Pages! Set A"
or "R-Word 8 Pages! Set B" )

In this Set:
Three pages with /r/ in TWO positions (12 words on each, 36 total)
Two pages with /r/ in medial position (12 words on each, 24 total)
Two pages with /r/ in final position (12 words on each, 24 total)
One page with /r/ in blend position (12 words on each, 12 total)

By having all of the stimulus words displayed on SpeechPages, the hunt for the specific needed pictures inside decks of cards is a thing of the past! SpeechPages allow for quick access to many different words at once! Pages of stimulus words allow for fun activities and games! See our FREE STUFF AREA for suggestions on usage!


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