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Interactive Personal Pronouns 6A!

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  At last a Fun INTERACTIVE way to teach Personal Pronouns! These Six Laminated SpeechPages have a total of 26 Interactive Cards Velcroed to the Page! 


Simple and easy to use! 

HOW IT WORKS: Your client sees a sentence with a picture card of a Noun (Ex: A girl named "Kim" )velcroed on top of a proper Personal Pronoun in the sentence.  The client predicts what the pronoun is and then lifts off the interactive card to reveal the answer.  (Ex: "Kim likes ice cream"  The client lifts off the "Kim" card to reveal the sentence "SHE likes ice cream." 

Each SpeechPage has at least FOUR interactive cards and an additional 15 more NON-Interactive Pronoun Practice sentences printed on the page!


SIX SpeechPages!

FOUR Interactive Cards on Each Page! (One Page has Six!)

Fifteen Extra (Non interactive) Pronoun Practice Sentences Also Printed on each Page.

A FREE EXTRA HELPER PAGE IS INCLUDED WITH A Personal Pronoun Chart, Pronoun facts and suggestions to the clinician.  Designed to help the Clinician to use these SpeechPages to teach Personal Pronouns!!

Personal Pronouns addressed in this set: He, She, Him, Her, They, Them, I, Me, You, It, We, Us!

Another POWERFUL and compact source of Speech Language Therapy HANDS ON MATERIALS ONLY AVAILABLE From SpeechPage Publishing Co!

(At almost every conference that we have attended, SLPs from across the country have asked us to make an Interactive Pronoun Set in the engaging, colorful and fun SpeechPage style! We are sorry it has taken us a few years to release this product, but we hope it was worth your wait!)

If you have an ordinary 3-ring binder you are well on your way to building your SpeechPage
Speech Therapy Materials resource kit! The more SpeechPages you add the better prepared you will be! And it will be easier to transport and store them than most of the other materials you have!


Recommendations for appropriate Speech Language Therapy, therapy materials can only be made by a qualified Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) following a formal multi-factored Speech and Language evaluation. There are many different aspects of the individual's abilities and degrees of severity of communication abilities, methods, and differences that must first be determined through formal evaluation by a qualified professional before selection of materials or methods of therapy.

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