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SpeechPage HOME Picture Schedule Binder Kit + Dry Erase Marker!

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Picture schedules are a great visual enhancement strategy recommended by many to help individuals to understand what is coming next in their day!

We all follow a schedule.

Visual picture schedules are an established way to help individuals with special needs and others that may need them to see where they will be, what they are expected to do and what the next activity is in their day. Understanding these important daily aspects are important for everyone and is often helpful to those students with disabilities such as autism.

(Note: Not all individuals are capable of using these forms of picture communication.)

We give you a ready to use kit for your home schedule!

This kit includes:


- 40 different Velcro-on-back Laminated Color Picture Schedule Cards (3.8x 2.25 inch) with words clearly printed on each. (These schedule cards cover most popular events that occur during the home day life. Examples: DINNER, BRUSH TEETH, VIDEO, BATH, OUTSIDE PLAY, and 34 MORE!!)



- FIVE Sturdy 5-Mil laminated carrier SpeechPages with receiving Velcro to hold the schedule cards and display the schedule segments of up to four items at a time. A handy blank clock face is next to each schedule card area. A wipe off marker could be used to put in a time. (The use of velcro on these schedules allows for the arrangement of the schedule to be customized to the individual. It also shows the task is completed through the removal of the scheduled item.)

- THREE nine-card vinyl storage protector page sheets to hold (9 on each side is 18 per page) and display all of the 36 schedule cards for your rapid finding and handy storage.

- A Dry Erase Marker to mark the times of schedule events and write in any extra events as needed!

- A SpeechPage 3-ring Schedule Binder to hold it all with area to indicate the student's name on the cover!

-NOW-NEXT Two Step Velcroed Display Area on cover of the binder!

-EXTRA HELPER PAGE INCLUDED! Laminated and filled with suggestions for usage!

This kit is designed and illustrated by Don D'Amore MA CCC/SLP who has been making custom picture schedules for individuals with disabilities for over 15 years. These are possible suggestions ONLY! Actual usage will vary dependent on a user’s abilities and disabilities.    Some individuals do not understand the abstract nature of symbolic icons or schedule systems and these (and other similar material) may not be an effective tool for them.  Please seek the direct assistance of an experienced professional as well as other sources to assist your specific needs.  These suggestions do not endorse or take the place of any training or directions for any specific method of instruction and should not be considered complete information for this topic.


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