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Social Language -Age Appropriate Discussion Prompts 6B!

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Prompt Discussions on Activities Usually Associated with younger or older age groups with These Unique SpeechPages!


These Social Language Age Appropriate Discussion Prompts SpeechPages 6B! each feature NINE different labeled illustrations that are designed to be used in a structured session to discuss typical age related behavior with the client.

For example the Clinician may present the scenario with the prompt question "Who is it that usually... plays with a doll house?" The illustrated Helper Row on the bottom of each of these SpeechPages has three possible selections:' Kids', 'BOTH Kids & Adults', and 'Adults'.

These SpeechPages are intended as discussion starter prompts to encourage awareness of common age appropriate behavior. EVERY INDIVIDUAL has unique family, cultural, and developmental aspects that must be considered and respected and may cause some variability as to the appropriateness of some responses.


In this Set you get:

SIX SpeechPages with Nine scenarios on each for a total of 54 prompt question scenarios!