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CUSTOMIZABLE Speech Session Rules Chart 2A

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VERY UNIQUE AND USEFUL ITEM ONLY FROM SpeechPage.com Publishing Company!!

READ TWO SLP Quotes Below On Using This Effective ITEM:

Almost every SLP has a "Rules Chart" in their room to remind their students that certain good behaviors are expected! Until now every clinician pretty much had to make their own sign because any printed or purchased 'classroom rules' sign might not have the same RULES that the SLP needed to display.

SpeechPage has solved that problem with our special



(Examples: "Do Speech Homework & Turn It In" and "Walk To and From Class")
•Two laminated DISPLAY SpeechPages  with receiving velcro able to EACH attach up to SIX RULE CARDS!
One of the pages has an additional 6 other common unillustrated rules preprinted on it (EX. "Do Your Best") Because the page has preprinted rules on it, the clinician has the option of displaying some of them or covering them with a Velcroed RULE CARD. THAT MEANS THERE ARE 22 DIFFERENT RULES TO CHOOSE FROM TO DISPLAY UP TO WHICHEVER 12 WORK BEST FOR YOU! OR YOU CAN WRITE IN YOUR OWN RULES: The other Display page has blank areas to allow a clinician the option of displaying less RULES or using a Wipe-off marker (Sold separately) to write in their own RULES if they have unique ones (& if there are any left that we did not think of!)
•An extra STORAGE AREA laminated SpeechPage is also included to allow for storage of RULES cards that are not being displayed.

--ALL RULES are all written in POSITIVE LANGUAGE! For example: directives are written as "USE NICE WORDS" instead of "DON'T USE BAD WORDS"

Display the Rules SpeechPages as you would any small laminated poster.
These RULE Behavior Suggestion Cards can easily be removed and separately displayed as needed as individualized reminders!

They may be displayed One DISPLAY SpeechPage at a time or put both closly together for a combo total of up to 12 RULE cards to be displayed at one time.

SLPs that have purchased this innovative product have kindly written in to us with their praise for it, and they have shared to us effective usage examples that they have found for this popular item! Here is what two repeat customers have said:

"I just want to say that I REALLY like the Speech Rules pages. I pick 2-3 rules for which the student is working. Example: if a student is always running to the speech room, I give the student the card that says: Walk To Speech Class. This serves as a tactile reminder to walk to class. I do not have to say: walk! The tactile and visual reminder of the card does it all. When a student is not taking turns, I simply put in front of the student the card that says: Take Turns. So, it's not me doing the reminding, it's the pics doing the reinforcing! Thanks!"
O.S. SLP, Ohio

"So many of the kids I have can't read so I like the pictures. ... I like the pull off picts because I can pull what I need off at the moment and put it in front of them - The kids respond to this because it becomes more important and they need Multi-Sensory. ... Many Thanks Again"
C.M. SLP, Texas

The size of the Speech Session Rules Chart is two laminated 9 x 10.5 inch pages. There is also a third page to hold the extra rules cards until needed. This page measures 9" x 11 1/4". The cards themselves are 2 1/2 X 3 1/2 inches each.

ALL SpeechPages are heavy duty heat laminated in extra thick Laminate and 3-hole punched for quick and easy storage in any standard 3-ring binder!