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Interactive Opposites 5A INSIDERS 25% OFF!

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50 Different Illustrated Cards Velcroed to these SpeechPages Present OPPOSITES in a FUN INTERACTIVE WAY! The client lifts the card with the opposite concept to reveal the opposite pair pictured beneath!! EVERYTHING IS HELD INTO PLACE WITH VELCRO ON YOUR EASY TO STORE SpeechPages!

(Ready To Use! We use 100 Velcro Dots when we Hand-Assemble this product!)

Each of these FIVE Special concentrated SpeechPages has 20 total pictures to demonstrate TEN opposite pairs each.

These SpeechPages range in complexity from basic to more advanced knowledge.

Simple to use! One suggestion might be to discuss each concept pictured on the top card and let the student predict what they will find when they lift the velcroed cards. Another idea might be to remove the picture cards and let the student match where they belong!) Your actual usage may vary dependent on a students abilities as determined by a qualified Speech Language Pathologists discretion following evaluation. (One of the many great things about SpeechPages is that they can be used in different ways for different clients!)

There is a total of 100 pictures demonstrating 50 opposite pairs on these FIVE Interactive SpeechPages!
(As with all SpeechPages-  3-Hole Punched & Everything is heat sealed in heavy duty 5-Mil laminate! )