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Co-operative & FOUR Ways Game Boards + MARKER!! SAVE $10!

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Save $10.00 when you buy this two set combo of
You get:
Therapy Game Boards that don't allow for any LOSERS!

Use a 'dry erase' type marker or even a crayon to play and replay these FUN game boards!
D’Amore’s Non Competitive Board Games involve all members of the group working together to achieve a common goal. This avoids those typical problems of games used as motivational materials in therapy sessions: with most game play there is a winner but that means there are also losers. No one wants to be the loser and even with chance options such as dice, best effort on the part of the student can still result in them ‘losing’ the game. Speech Therapy is not about losing but about being a motivating situation that the student is draw to be a part of!

Each of these SIX game boards has a unique goal that most any size group can all participate in regardless of their differing therapy goals. As the students take their turn in whatever therapy you have designed for them for the session, they each contribute to achieving a mutual goal! Everyone contributes on their turn so everyone feels like a winner when the goal is eventually achieved by the whole team effort!

A variety of numbers of turns can be taken on the different game boards. Two have a 100 count and the others have a 30, 40, 50, and 60 count to complete the gameboard. The clinician determines the number of times each student 'moves' per turn. A short description of the gameplay is on each of these SIX FUN and CREATIVE CO-OPERATIVE GAME SpeechPages!


And you get this other SpeechPage Exclusives!
Therapy Game Boards that can be used over and over with special movement cards that each have FOUR ways to tell the student to move up!

Colorful Fun game boards! D’Amore’s FOUR WAYS TO PLAY Board Games come with a special card holder SpeechPage! There are TWENTY FOUR velcroed cards that can be flipped over to reveal how to move on a turn. Just turn the SpeechPage 90 degrees to use the same cards again to allow the students a different way to move around the boards! A great compact set of fun! ALL OF THESE PAGES FIT INTO ANY STANDARD BINDER!

No need to carry dice with you with these games! The 'Move Cards' are velcroed to the page! Just use your own game tokens or coins or paper ect. for game pieces.

A variety of numbers of turns can be taken on the different game boards. Two have a 30 count and the others have a 25, & 35 count to complete the gameboard. Play the same gameboard with a different side of the 'move cards' to make it a whole new experience!