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S & R EVERYWHERE! Artic Fun Find-it 100 Per Page!

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The /s/ and /r/ sounds ARE EVERYWHERE! Let your clients have FUN while they search for and say their sounds in words!

These FUN SpeechPages are PACKED with OVER 100 TARGET WORDS ON EACH PAGE! (Words ALSO listed on each page!)

SIX TOTAL Packed SpeechPages:

TWO - Each Have 100 /r/ Sound Illustrations!

TWO - Each Have 100 /s/ Sound Illustrations!

TWO Each is Mixed for /r/ AND/OR /s/ Sounds!

Mixed positions and blends on every page!


Like ALL SpeechPage Materials, this unique Artic Fun set is DESIGNED AND CUSTOM ILLUSTRATED by Don D'Amore MA CCC-SLP, a practicing School-Based Speech Language Pathologist with over 25 years of experience!  He draws these materials relying upon the experience and knowledge that can only come from being an SLP!

Have fun in your session with your students while they use their speech to name all of the HUNDREDS of colorfully illustrated target words that they can find all over these long lasting laminated SpeechPages!

This set has SIX Different Laminated SpeechPages each with SIX Different Illustrations of CONCENTRATED SCENES DESIGNED BY AN EXPERIENCED SLP TO ELICIT SAMPLES OF SPEECH CONTAINING /r/ and/or /s/ Sounds!

Example of these FUN & COLORFULLY ILLUSTRATED Scenes: 

-Two Astronauts watch as their cargo of /s/ word items accidentally flies out of their space shuttle! S-Words are everywhere, floating through space!

-It's a Zoo Escape! Animals are breaking free everywhere! S & R words abound as the scene is packed with target sounds in this fun illustration!




Examples of uses:

Phonemic Awareness: Ask the client to find/name the words with their sound on the page BY SOUND POSITION! (Initial/Medial/Final/Blends)

Articulation Word Practice:  These Special SpeechPages provide opportunities for lots of FUN practice with the over 100 different target words found on each page! This is a Super Concentrated source of stimulus material!

Speech Therapy Games: 

How Many Can You Find Game: Cover the printed list on the page and then ask your clients to have fun counting up the total number of words they can find with their target sound.  Set goals and rewards based on the client's abilities.

Find It By Attributes Game: There are so many different illustrations on these pages that the clinician can prompt the client to find different items by attributes.  For example a prompt might be "Find & say something that has fur and eats carrots!"  "Find & say something that people ride on to fly" etc.


As with all of our laminated SpeechPages you may also use a dry erase marker (sold separately) to circle words found on the pages!

Many more activities can be presented with these detailed pages!


THESE ARE GENERAL SUGGESTIONS ONLY.  Specific recommendations for appropriate Speech Language Therapy and therapy materials can only be made by a qualified Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) following a formal multi-factored Speech and Language evaluation of the specific client.
There are many different aspects of the individual's abilities and degrees of severity of communication abilities, methods, and differences that must first be determined through formal evaluation by a qualified professional before any therapy can be planned or provided.





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