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Silly Scene Talk Prompts 6A!  R-Themes

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SpeechPages designed to encourage your clients to SPEAK SPONTANEOUSLY on SILLY topics that have /r/ Sounds!

Have fun in your session with your students while they use their SPONTANEOUS speech to describe the silly situations they see colorfully illustrated on these long lasting laminated SpeechPages!

This set has SIX Different Laminated SpeechPages each with SIX Different Illustrations of silly situations DESIGNED BY AN EXPERIENCED SLP TO ELICIT SPONTANEOUS SENTENCE SAMPLES OF SPEECH CONTAINING /r/ Sounds!

Many clients have goals for the /r/ sound in spontaneous speech.  Working on the pesky /r/ sound in isolation and at the word level are one thing, but it can be a challenge to come up with methods to generate spontaneous sentence samples with /r/ from your clients.  That is what makes these SpeechPages so fun and useful.


There are 36 different SILLY SCENES in this six page set!

NO READING ABILITY IS NEEDED! ALL Illustrations are without words!

These different SILLY SCENES are each designed to elicit speech samples containing /r/ sounds!  A wide variety of /r/ words in different sound positions are possible!

Example:  A scene shows a pirate teaching at the front of a classroom.

The client might describe what is silly here with the sentence: "A piRate is teaching and wRitting on the chalkboaRd instead of a Real teacheR."  Further prompting from the clinician such as: "How do you think this happened?" and "What might occur next?" May yield even more silly /R/ themed fun!




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