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48 Illustrated  R Tongue Twisters 6C!

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"Which rich witch?" & "Yawning yarn" & 46 OTHER ILLUSTRATED /R/ Tongue twisters make up this 48 NEW /r/ Tongue Twisters set JUST ADDED BY POPULAR DEMAND! Many SLPs have found the value of using tongue twisters! As a result of a constant high number of inquiries for this type of material, this NEW set is devoted 100% to the R Sound!


D'Amore's Tongue Twisters are silly fun! They are intended to be used as an effective tool for clients in the maintenance stages of learning their target sounds. They provide opportunity for fun practice of sounds as the client works towards their mastery.

These D'Amore Tongue Twister SpeechPages are sorted by target sounds! You get EIGHT illustrated Tongue Twisters per SpeechPage for a total of 48 Tongue Twisters in this SIX SpeechPage Set!

48 Illustrated /r/ Tongue Twisters 6C! CONTAINS Six SpeechPages! 8 Unique & FUN ILLUSTRATED Tongue Twisters on each page!

TWO SpeechPages (16 Illustrations!) target /r/ in the INITIAL Position (EX: "Which rich witch?")

ONE SpeechPage (8 Illustrations!) targets /r/ in the MEDIAL Position (EX: "Yawning yarn")

ONE SpeechPage (8 Illustrations!) targets /r/ in the FINAL Position

ONE SpeechPage (8 Illustrations!) targets /r/ in the BLEND Position

ONE SpeechPage (8 Illustrations!) targets /r/ in MIXED Positions


Each Tongue Twister picture has a small tracking area on the right side that will allow you or you client to keep track of their success with a wipe off marker (sold separately) as they repeat these fun twisters 2, 3 or 10 times depending on their individual goals!

Unlike some other tongue twisters that are long, complex sentences that some clients may not be able to complete, let alone master, DAmores Tongue Twisters are short phrases, designed to be learned more easily. The repetition of them allows for greater length of practice if required. As they are mastered, the speed of repetition may be increased more readily than with longer tongue twisters.

Smooth and clear speech is the goal, not speed! Ask the client to say the phrase as clearly as they can. Depending on their goals and ability levels, you may ask the client to repeat the phrases two, three or more times. Speed of repetition can be increased as sound production is mastered. Tracking progress for each tongue twister can be done on the special side area. More than just a Fun Artic Tool! Tongue Twisters have been used for phonemic awareness! Many SLPs find creative ways of using tongue twisters for many other speech goals beyond simply articulation. Tongue twisters are typically mastered through practice of a slow, steady smooth speech pattern, which is part of the goal of many speech therapy areas!

All D'Amore's Tongue Twisters are written AND illustrated by Don DAmore MA CCC/SLP.

SUGGESTIONS ONLY: Recommendations for appropriate Speech Language Therapy, therapy materials or communication systems can only be made by a qualified Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) following a formal multi-factored Speech and Language evaluation. There are many different aspects of the individual's abilities and degrees of severity of communication abilities, methods, and differences that must first be determined through formal evaluation by a qualified professional before therapy can begin. (c)SpeechPage.com Publishing Company

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