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Interactive Artic. S- Word Stacks! 4A

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(PLUS: SpeechPage's Interactive Artic. R- Word Stacks! 4A IS ONE SALE FOR THE SAME PRICE AS WELL! )

A FUN NEW APPROACH TO practice for the /s/ sound!

Interactive Artic. S- Word Stacks!
Includes FOUR different SpeechPages, each with two illustrated areas that contain a strip of Velcro to build the Artic Stack combinations! Each SpeechPage ALSO contains either 7 or 8 REMOVABLE Laminated & Velcroed Stim Picture cards for the /s/ sound!

A Total of 30 Different Velcroed Artic Cards are included!

One Page each for the /s/ sound in INITIAL, MEDIAL, FINAL, & BLEND sound positions!
The illustrations on each page have a strip of velcro on them and the stim cards on each page match the sound position for the word. Cards are color coded for easier recognition and storage!

The idea is SIMPLE AND FUN! (Directions are also printed on the SpeechPage.)
The Clinician (or client!) arranges the cards on theSpeechPage's illustration's velcro strip to make up a silly string of target words!
(EXAMPLE: "It's a Star-slipper-stamp-spoon-snowman!!" or just "Sun-soup!" The client might make two word, three word, four or five word combinations depending on ability level! Mix in other cards for NEW stack word combos! Have the client repeat the new stacked words for extra practice!)

Practice of the target sound in various positions is possible!
Use cards from the other SpeechPages in this set that the client is working on to make dozens and dozens of combination word stacks!

(Suggestions are possible uses only. ALL Therapy plans are at the discretion of a qualified clinician and dependent on client's ability levels.)

Like All SpeechPages: Everything is Heavy Duty 5-Mil Laminated and any removable pieces store tight to the page with Velcro!

! Warning: Choking Hazard. Small Parts. Not For Children Under 3. !

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