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Two Syllable Words Broken Down With Pictures 8A

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Part of a truly unique series of SpeechPages!

Do you have a student that struggles with articulating Two Syllable words, but can say One Syllable words much better?

We have received so much great feedback that our first set of these types of SpeechPages was a big hit with SLPs and their clients, that we have come out with a whole new Set using the same theme!


EIGHT Different SpeechPages EACH with EIGHT Different Two-Syllable Words Broken down into two Illustrated words each! That means there are a Whopping 24 ILLUSTRATIONS ON EACH PAGE!


These EIGHT fun SpeechPages break down Multisyllabic two syllable words such as "birdbath" into TWO smaller words each also illustrated with a picture (bird + bath) that can make the larger word easier to approach for the client!
(You get TWO more SpeechPages and More Words Per Page Than our POPULAR First Sets: Multisyllabic Words Broken Down With Pictures 6A or 6B)

Pictures are used to illustrate both the original “two syllable word” as well as the two “smaller words” into which it is broken down. That means each of these SpeechPages has 24 total PICTURES on them!

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