Important FUNCTIONAL Language Discussion SpeechPages For Teens & Adults!


Do you have clients that are older students or adults with language disabilities that are working on FUNCTIONAL LIFE SKILLS? The author of all of these materials has worked part time as a Speech Language Pathologist continuously for more than 20 years with adults with language disabilities living in community group homes! These Life Skill Themed Question-Answer and Discussion SpeechPages are designed to be used in your therapy sessions to prompt discussion and learning with visual picture prompts involving daily real life experiences and possible life solutions!

SpeechPages are LOVED BY SLPs and their Clients!

Life Skills Predicting Problems 6B

12 Illustrated Scenarios per SpeechPage!
That is a TOTAL of 72 Different Illustrated :What could go wrong..?: Theme Topic Situations! 

Orig.: $15.95
Sale: $12.95

Life Skills Personal Problem Solving 6A

12 Illustrated Scenarios per SpeechPage!
That is a TOTAL of 72 Different Illustrated Problem Solving Situations!


Social Language -Please Thank Sorry 6A

Six Illustrated SpeechPages That Focus on the Social Polite Words: "Please", "Thank You," and "Sorry"


Social Language -Age Appropriate Discussion Prompts 6B!

SIX SpeechPages with Nine scenarios on each for a total of 54 illustrated question scenarios intended as discussion starter prompts to encourage awareness of common age appropriate behavior!


Life Skills Grocery Store Discussion Prompts 6A

Six SpeechPages each with 12 different Grocery Store Item Illustrations and three grocery departments to help guide therapy discussions about shopping for groceries!

Orig.: $15.95
Sale: $12.75

Life Skills Cleaning Q. 5A

Five Illustrated SpeechPages Designed to prompt discussion and learning in the daily real life scenarios involving cleaning.


Life Skills Community 6A

Six Illustrated SpeechPages Designed to enhance understanding and pompt discussion on daily real life experiences of matching up items we need and use with the community locations where they are available.

Orig.: $15.95
Sale: $12.75

Life Skills Home Set Up Q. 5A

Five Illustrated SpeechPages focusing on pompting discussion and understanding of the daily real life experiences of matching up items in everyone's home with locations in the house where they tend to be stored.


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Each SpeechPage is heavy duty laminated in EXTRA THICK laminate for long term use, and three hole punched and easy transport and storage in a standard three ring binder! It is the responsibility of the consumer to determine the suitability of our products for use in their particular application.
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