FUN! Easy To Use! EASY to STORE! Super Durable!

Forget about managing stacks of Artic. Cards! 96 DIFFERENT STIM PICTURES FOR THE TARGET SOUND IN EACH 8 SPEECHPAGE SET!! There are 12 different sound stimulus pictures on EACH of these Artic Word SpeechPages!!

(PLEASE NOTE: The SpeechPages on this page do not have removable cards on them.  SpeechPages that do have removable cards will have the word INTERACTIVE in thier title.)

SpeechPages are a CONCENTRATED and a heavy duty REUSABLE resource!
SpeechPages are COLORFUL and FUN! They are LOVED BY SLPs!

Each of these D'Amore Artic. Stim. Word SpeechPages has 12 different stim. pictures on each page.
(For example, in any "8 Page Set" you are getting 96 different stim pictures!
If you bought all three "R-Word 8 Pages!" Sets you would have
288 different R-Sound stimulus pictures on those 24 Different SpeechPages! )

Pages are arranged by the positions of sound (such as Initial, Medial, Final, Blends,
or special TWO target sound per stim picture pages.)

THESE ARE A VERY COST EFFECTIVE SOURCE OF MATERIALS! WE GIVE YOU THREE TIMES AS MANY DIFFERENT ARTIC STIM WORDS PER SET THAN A TYPICAL BOX OF ARTIC CARDS! Think about it- What do you pay for a box of Artic cards? About $14 for a deck that has only 32 different pairs of words in it? A typical SpeechPage Artic set with EIGHT Pages of 12 DIFFERENT stim words on each page gives you a total of 96 DIFFERENT artic word stimulus pictures for just a bit more cost!! SpeechPage GIVES YOU 96 DIFFERENT STIM ARTIC PICTURES FOR THE TARGET SOUND INSTEAD OF 32!!! (Plus the target sounds on Articulation Words SpeechPages are all sorted by position!) Buy them in combo sets of one of our BINDER BUNDLE and save even more!


We offer Specialized Artic Word SpeechPages for the sounds:

/s/ /r/ /l/ /k/ /g/ /p/ /b/ /d/ /t/ /m/ /z/ /f/ /v/ "th" "j" "sh" and "ch"
All D’Amore’s Artic Word SpeechPages are written AND illustrated by Don D’Amore MA CCC/SLP, an SLP with over 20 years of experience. All SpeechPage artwork is custom drawn by the Speech Language Pathologist! We never use generic art from a program or clip art source! Clip art can often be confusing because of it's generic quality. Stock Clip art often contains numerous off topic details or has a trendy advertising art style that may not properly elicit the stimulus word in your speech therapy session. Just imagine SLP MATERIALS ACTUALLY ILLUSTRATED BY AN EXPERIENCED SLP!! That allows for the drawings to represent just what the SLP wanted! That is one of the Special Features that makes Materials From Publishing Company Unique, Useful and Effective!


USE THEM IN SO MANY WAYS! Artic drill practice sheets, Name the picture after getting a clue, Use the picture in a sentence, Cover the pictures with paper squares (or with our Free Card Cover download) and students take turns uncovering and naming, or covering the words they mastered, etc.
Check out our FREE STUFF area for ATIC_TX_IDEAS.pdf, or just click here--> FREE SPEECHPAGE ARTIC IDEAS! a FREE colorful download that you can print and use. It is filled with ideas to enhance your articulation therapy sessions! These are possible suggestions only. It is the responsibility of the consumer to determine the suitability of our products for use in their particular application.


Artic Stim Word SpeechPages are a great way to "fill in the gaps" of your speech therapy material's inventory! Perhaps you could use more /p/ or /b/ stim materials. Maybe another set of the /s/ and /r/ sounds would give you that extra variety for future sessions that you were looking for!

You see them every week. Why not treat your students or clients to a session with a new set of materials from SPEECHPAGE!
Each SpeechPage is in full color and heavy duty laminated in EXTRA THICK laminate and three hole punched for easy transport and storage in a standard three ring binder!